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What to expect


Perhaps you have said, "I intend to visit you sometime." But you have put it off simply because of the dread of going into a strange place, not knowing what to expect. We would like to introduce ourselves and let you know what to expect when you visit us.

First, you will be our respected guest. You will be greeted with kindness and courtesy. You will not be called upon or embarrassed in any way. Our assembly is not a display of emotion or excitement, but a simple and devout period of worship. It is patterned exactly after the worship of the early New Testament church. There will be nothing to make you wish you had not come or make you feel out of place. Perhaps you will hear scriptures read or truths preached that you have not heard before. We are compelled by the command of Christ to preach all the Gospel. We preach this Gospel in love, trusting that everyone present will evaluate it in the light of his or her personal life and responsibility. We believe you will be impressed by a presentation of God's plan and simple Bible teaching.

Our worship is simple and based entirely on what is taught in the New Testament. We will sing together. You may be familiar with most of the hymns and are invited to join with us in singing. Men in the congregation will lead in prayers. There will be a Christ centered sermon, designed to teach and uplift all who are present. You are urged to take notes and check what you hear against what your Bible says. There is never any attempt to teach anything profound or mysterious. At the close of the sermon, those who wish to become Christians are invited to make this known by coming to the front of the assembly. There will be no singling out of visitors or anyone present. No one will be asked to raise their hand or stand. No one will go about the audience urging people to come forward. Neither the worship, nor the invitation is designed to embarrass. They are designed to teach. During the worship the Lord's Supper or Communion will be served by men of the congregation. The New Testament teaches that Christians (members of the Lord's church) are to do this on the first day of the week (Acts 20:7). . A contribution will be taken up from the members. In 1 Corinthians 16:2 the church is commanded to do this on the first day of the week. As our guest you are not asked or expected to give. Do not feel embarrassed to pass the container to your neighbor or to the men serving. 

Now that you know us better we hope you will visit us soon. We would like to have you at our next assembly to worship or study. Our goal is to preach and teach the Gospel of Christ according to the words of the New Testament. If you disagree with anything that we say or do feel free to discuss it with one of us after the worship service. Come see for yourself. You will see in our worship exactly how the early church worshipped almost 2000 years ago and you will be our honored guest.

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