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Lessons preached recently at the Burkesville church of Christ

New in 2023...

Lessons from Jethro (6/18/23)Bo Couchman
Winning Our War (5/28/23)Bo Couchman
Thankful for Truth (5/21/23)Bo Couchman
Seeing (4/16/23)Bo Couchman
Tattoos and Piercings (8/27/23)Bo Couchman
Hoarding Our Failures (8/6/23)Bo Couchman
Gift of the Holy Spirit (7/23/23)Bo Couchman
Keep Calm and Carry On (7/30/23)Bo Couchman
Thankful for Forgiveness-pt2 (7/16/23)Bo Couchman
Thankful for Forgiveness-pt1 (7/9/23)Bo Couchman
Love Covers Sin (4/2/23)Bo Couchman
A Great Lighthouse (2/19/23)Bo Couchman
Stealing Gods Glory - (2/12/23)Bo Couchman
Always Gods Plan (1/22/23)Bo Couchman
Dishonesty (1/15/23)Bo Couchman
Developing a Grateful Heart (1/8/23)Bo Couchman

Previous lessons...

Are there Two Gods? (12/18/22)Bo Couchman
Those that Mourn (12/11/22)Bo Couchman
Conquering through the Word (12/4/22)Bo Couchman
The Risen Life (11/27/22)Bo Couchman
Obadiah (11/20/22)Bo Couchman
Essentials: Obedience (11/13/20)Bo Couchman
Essentials: Belief (11/6/22)Bo Couchman
Essentials: Grace pt2 (10/30/22)Bo Couchman
Essentials: Grace pt1 (10/23/22)Bo Couchman
Life: A Fighting Time (10/9/22)Bo Couchman
The Gospel a Circuit (10/2/22)Bo Couchman
N.T. 'Bit Players' (9/11/22)Bo Couchman
The Message of the Cross (8/28/22)Bo Couchman
Life: A Feeding Time (7/24/22)Bo Couchman
Jonah (7/3/22)Bo Couchman
Religion without God (6/26/22)Bo Couchman
Unworthiness (6/19/22)Bo Couchman
Mephibosheth (6/5/22)Bo Couchman
When Faith Falters (5/22/22)Bo Couchman
Mary, Jesus' Mother (5/8/22)Bo Couchman
Patience (5/1/22)Bo Couchman
Psalm 139 (4/24/22)Bo Couchman
Believing in Jesus (4/17/22)Bo Couchman
A Man of God (4/3/22)Bo Couchman
Traditions (3/27/22)Bo Couchman
Being Good Receivers (3/20/22)Bo Couchman
The Unjust Steward (7/31/22)Bo Couchman
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